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We are committed to provide a broad range of medical products and skilled labor services.
We are committed to provide a broad range of medical products and skilled labor services.
We are committed to provide a broad range of medical products and skilled labor services.


Save DD, LLC- Staffing Solutions company, and Its subsidiary, represents and supports a broad range of medical products and services, it was formed in june 2018 with the objective of bringing together expertise in the areas of science and pairing that knowledge with excellence to provide medical equipments, services and resources to elderly, disabled persons and families in need.

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Save DD, LLC. We are committed to outstanding service for both our clients and employees. We are dedicated to exceeding client and employee expectations, demonstrating professionalism and integrity, and developing long-term relationships based on trust and respect. We strive to be socially responsible and making a difference in the community.

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Our goal is to provide a stable and well-trained directed workforce and give families access to the medical products, services, and resources they need to care for their loved ones at home.


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Save DD LLC caregivers are licensed and /or certified in CPR, First aid, MAP and mental health. Our caregivers are fully screened, and insured employees who are available to provide services based on individual needs. For security purposes, the caregiver screening process involves:

  • Compliance with OSHA guidelines
  • One to one interview with a trained coordinator
  • An evaluation of practical skills, integrity, literacy, and personality
  • We participate in E-Verify.
  • Writing test and skills examination
  • Following up through regular visits to our clients and ensuring there satisfaction

Our Staffing Caregiver Are:

 Registered Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Social Workers
Speech therapists

Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Certified Nursing Assistant
Home Health Aides

Our objective is bringing together experts, skilled labor services in the areas of science and pairing that knowledge with excellence to provide access, safety and engagement to benefit individuals of all ages.


60+Helping the Elderly Accomplish their goals

At one point in our lives we will all get older.  It is not something we want to think about, but it will happen. Working as a care giver and a nurse over the years I have seen individuals go through life processes. And after much thought, Me and my husband decided to come up with a company that will be able to help the elderly through understanding and managing their needs in a home setting.

SAVE DD LLC finds qualified, skilled and compassionate HealthCare staff and places them with the appropriate setting.

As a Staffing Solutions Company, we were able to plan for an elderly couple in assisted living setting to attend their granddaughter’s wedding. We were contacted by the couple’s daughter, who was looking for a someone to accompany her parents and stay with them during the ceremony.  We communicated to the assisted living management team and confirmed the date and pickup time.  On the day of the wedding, our staffing-team arrived on time and signed all the required documents. The staff accompanied the couple and stayed with them through the ceremony. After the ceremony, the couple was escorted back to the assisted living. 

As a company, we value our client’s dignity and treat everyone with respect.

RibbonWhen Someone You Love has Cancer

One day I was sharing with my coworker about Save DD LLC, He told me about his wife who was battering Cancer and that, they needed help.  The wife was undergoing Hydrotherapy treatment plus juicing. As a Company we were able to draft up a plan that would help to support the couple during the treatments. Services offered to the couple included juicing, medication administration, setting up the hydro and steaming machines and household chores. Glad to say the wife is getting better. 

We are grateful to all our clients who entrust us with their lives. we make it our mission to provide the best care Services.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagined. 

VolunteerVoluntarily Work

As a registered Nurse and working with Save DD LLC, I’ve had an opportunity of helping someone, who was having a challenging time in her life. She had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, had parts of her stomach cut out. Post-surgery, she needed frequent wound care. Per her insurance plan, limited care services were provided. I volunteered to support her in dressing the wound on days the services weren’t able. Am glad to report she got healed completely and can work, most importantly and she is cancer free.

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
– C.C. Scott